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  • After head trauma
  • But most are spontaneous with out any history of trauma


  • After nasal allergy is excluded, a CSF ( Cerebro Spinal Fluid) leak from the brain has to be ruled out ( CSF Rhinorrhoea)
  • Handkerchief test : If the handkerchief gets stiff on drying then the discharge is nasal secretion. If the handkerchief remains limp on drying then the discharge could be CSF.
  • Glucose test: Normally glucose is absent in nasal secretion. If on examining a sample of nasal secretion in the lab it is reported as positive for glucose, it could be CSF.
  • CT/MRI Scan of the PNS


If CSF leak is left untreated,there is a risk of infection getting into the brain (meningitis) from the nose through the open communication to the brain. Therefore a surgical correction needs to be planned. The surgery can be done endoscopically through the nose.The defect in the skull base where the nose & brain are separated is identified, & the defect is patched up with fat taken from the ear lobe, abdomen or the thigh.Thus an extensive neurosurgical procedure ( Craniotomy) can be avoided.The results are also better with the endoscopic approach.