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The indication for rhinoplasty is to change the appearance of the nose, its function or both.Very often this plastic surgery of the nose has to be done along with a septal correction or an endoscopic sinus surgery. An endoscopic surgeon trained in rhinoplasty will be the best person to deal with such a situation in a single stage.

Hospital stay, & recovery

Admission & discharge:
The patient is admitted the day before,& is discharged the day after.
Duration of surgery:
The surgery takes approximately 2-3 hours.
Postoperative period:
We do not usually keep any nasal packs. An aluminium cast is kept over the nose which is removed a week later on the 1st follow-up visit.
The nasal dorsum and tip swelling settles down completely in 6 months and 1 year respectively. So the patient has to wait for one year for the final look.

Plastic surgery of the nose is making alterations in the shape of the nose. This is done to reshape the nose and improve its function as well.
The indications for rhinoplasty include:

  • Making a bad looking nose into a beautiful one
  • Acquired nasal deformity due to trauma.

The main benefit of a cosmetic rhinoplasty is the improved appearance of the external nose, which may greatly assist the patient’s self-esteem. An improvement in nasal breathing is an added benefit of rhinoplasty.

Studies have shown that most rhinoplasties heal without any problem and patient satisfaction is usually very good if done by an experienced surgeon.

The patient Chaya who got operated by Dr George Varghese gave the best feedback. In the National Workshop organized by Plastic Surgeons and ENT Specialists of Goa, in July 2010,( see the Brochure in “ Events”) a survey was conducted among the patients who underwent surgery by different surgeons.



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    Pre and Post Operative Photos

plastic-surgery before and after2
plastic-surgery before and after
plastic-surgery before and after1