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A  Otosclerosis middle ear condition which primarily affects the tiny stapes bone. It causes slow hearing loss. Treatment comprises hearing aids and/or stapedectomy surgery.

What causes Otosclerosis?

Also called Otospongiosis,spongy bone replace part of normally dense enchondral layer of bony otic capsule.

Most often otosclerotic focus involves the stapes region leading to stapes fixation and conductive deafness.

Who gets Otosclerosis?

It generally develops between age 15 and 35 but at times develops in younger children. Women are affected double as compaired to men. Pregnancy is not a reason but can make the situation worse, thus symptoms are usually first noted during pregnancy.


  • Hearing loss is the foremost symptom

The hearing loss may be slight to start with but generally it slowly becomes worse. It generally affects both ears. In some people the hearing loss stays mild for a number of years before getting worse. In others, the hearing loss rapidly becomes worse. Without treatment in time, the affected ears often become completely deaf.

Treatment of Otosclerosis

Hearing aids help people who are suffering from conductive deafness, including otosclerosis. However, a hearing aid will not cure the deafness. Since the deafness is progressive, more powerful hearing aids may be needed as time goes by. In the early stages, hearing aids are a great help for those who do not wish to undergo surgery.