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Nose Injuries Causes:

Nose injuries Causes of a broken nose are related to trauma to the nose or face. Common sources of trauma include the following: The most common cause of a broken nose are fights, accidents, and sports. A 2009 study of 236 patients with facial fractures incurred while playing sports found fractures of the the nasal bone to be the most common. Trauma is an Nose injuries or the areas that surround and support your nose. Internal or external injuries can cause nasal trauma. The position of your nose makes your nasal bones, cartilage, and soft tissue particularly vulnerable to external injuries.

Common types of nasal trauma include:

  • nosebleeds
  • fractures
  • chemical irritation or injuries to the inside of your nose
  • obstruction by a foreign object


  • X ray of nasal bones


  • If there is fracture causing nasal deformity or nasal block, then a fracture reduction is indicated. Other cases can be left alone.