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Nasal Block


Difficulty in breathing through the nose


  • Deviated Nasal Septum ( DNS) 
    The cartilaginous & bony partition between the right & left nasal cavities is called the nasal septum. If it is deviated to one side it is called DNS.
  • Hypertrophied Inferior Turbinates
    These are fleshy structures seen inside of the nose.If abnormally big it can cause breathing difficulty.
  • Nasal tumours
    This can be benign or malignant


  • Clinical history
  • Diagnostic nasal endoscopy( DNE)
  • CT Scan of the Paranasal sinuses ( PNS)


  • Depending on the cause, medical management is tried first.A surgical option is considered for indicated cases. Septoplasty is the surgery for a DNS.
  • Powered Inferior Turbinoplasty using the debridder is the latest mucosa sparing surgery for Hypertrophied Inferior Turbinates
  • Most nasal masses can be endoscopically remove