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Microlaryngoscopy is a procedure that permits your doctor to look at your larynx (voice box) using a laryngoscope. “Micro” denotes to getting a very close (magnified) view of the area to see every single minute detail. This can be done with an operating microscope.

The larynx (voice box) examination, while you are under a general anaesthetic, is microlaryngoscopy is done to find and treat problems of the voice box, such as huskiness.

Your surgeon will put a short metal tube (a laryngoscope) via your mouth into your voice box. A microscope is at that point used to look into the voice box to see what the problem is. If required, surgery on your voice box can also be done through the laryngoscope.

The surgery is often utilized to remove something, such as a mass, nodule, polyp or tumor. It may also be utilized to cut or remove scar tissue or inject materials into the vocal cords. It allows the surgeon to work on the vocal cords without cutting through the skin. Because the vocal cords are far away from the mouth, long instruments are utilized to reach the vocal cords. Lasers may also be utilized to cut tissue without bleeding.

Likely Problems

Microlaryngoscopy is very safe. You may have a little transient sore throat.