Welcome to GV ENT Clinic


Seaport-Airport Road, Chittethukara, Kakkanad, KOCHI 682 037.




The GV ENT Centre is an advanced Centre for Sinus & Nasal care (including Cosmetic Surgery of the nose). General ENT, advanced Micro ear surgeries, and Micro laryngeal surgeries are also done here. Patients requiring surgeries are posted and done by the chief consultant (Dr. George Varghese) in Vijayalakshmi Medical Centre or Cochin Hospital both with state of the art operation theatres.

Facilities at the Clinic

  • The Latest ENT Examination Unit
  • Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy (DNE) With Camera ( Karl Storz).
  • Video Laryngoscopy
  • Microscopic Examination Of The Ear( Carl Zeiss microscope)


Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries including advanced procedures like CSF leak repair, Endoscopic DCR, & Endoscopic skull base surgeries.

One of the first institute in the country to start the Modified Lothrop Procedure (Draf3), which is the answer to repeated allergic nasal polyposis & fungal sinusitis.

Sinusitis cases from all over the country are referred to this Centre for expert management.

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery, including Endoscopic Rhinoplasty, is routinely undertaken.

The chief consultant is a regular invited Surgeon in various conferences and workshops to demonstrate not only advanced endoscopic sinus techniques but also cosmetic nasal surgeries (Rhinoplasty)

Why Choose Us?

• Expertise

25 years of surgical experience which includes teaching by way of live surgical demonstrations of endoscopic sinus surgeries,&cosmetic nasal surgeries nationally and internationally.

• Technology we have

From the latest diagnostic tools to the best equipments in the world and state of the art operation theatre in Vijayalakshmi Medical Centre. The theatre is equipped with the latest debrider system by Medtronic, the world leader in this equipment, used for removing sinus diseases to the very last bit. All the procedures are done using a Full HD camera & monitor.

• Credibility

Doing live demonstrations regularly before surgeons of the same speciality in various workshops & conferences is proof of the credibility of the chief surgeon, Dr George Varghese. In ‘MegaFESS2015’, he did live, the Draf3 ( Modified Lothrop )procedure in the presence of 450 delegates, & an international faculty which included the two pioneers in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Prof. Heinz Stammberger, from Austria, & Prof. David Kennedy from the USA. Above all, more than 2000 satisfied patients are the most important testimony to the credibility.



Routine microscopic ear surgeries are done.

Throat & Head & Neck

Surgeries including, tonsillectomy, and micro laryngeal surgery. Endoscopic guided debrider adenoidectomy is the routine technique adopted for adenoidectomy.