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Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery

Endoscopic-assisted surgery of pituitary gland tumours is the most effective method of approaching the pituitary gland.The pituitary gland is located above the sphenoid sinus which is the sinus situated at the very back. This gland is responsible for regulating most of our body’s hormones, the chemical messengers that travel through your blood.

The camera attached to the nasal endoscope permits the surgeon to watch on a television screen while introducing other special instruments along the scope to remove a tumour.

Endoscopic pituitary surgery is done to remove definite tumour types that start to grow in the pituitary gland. Different endoscopes with different angles allow the surgeon to see all corners, enabling him to ensure complete removal.

Hospital stay, & recovery:

Admission & discharge:
The patient is admitted two days before, & is discharged on the 4th or 5th day after surgery.
Duration of surgery:
The surgery takes approximately 3 hours.
Postoperative period:
We usually keep a pack for 24 hours after surgery.The recovery time is 5-6 weeks